samedi 14 novembre 2015

Track Phone

To always know where the pet is located, there are collars with GPS trackers. Now there is not one with which the holders can call your pet.
Sometimes go cats on exploring the neighborhood - or even further away. For many holders an ordeal: the beloved Diego comes back safely? A new invention to help concerned cat owner: a GPS collar with integrated phone.

So, holder your pet can «call» and talk to him. The idea of the inventor: When the animal hears the familiar voice, it can move to to return. The neck band called Weenect cats was developed in France as the «Aargauer Zeitung"reported.

«Talk to and reassure».  

Track Phone

Bénédicte de Villemeur-Vieille from the manufacturer team to the newspaper says that these features it also contravenes the owner to call if he should leave them during the day alone at home with his cat: «so he can talk to her and calm her down.»

Using GPS can also track the holder, where his animal is located, or set an alarm will be triggered when the cat leaves a particular territory.

«Speaker doubtful».

For Lucia Oeschger animal protection organisation the GPS function sense four paws especially then, when you have for example, a change of residence behind. Oeschger: «If a cat while listening to the voice of the holder is automatically on the way home, is in our view doubtful. Possibly an animal could scare also located by the sudden, loud sound.»

That's not to come, that the cats run away regularly too far, the holders recommend four Paws to neuter their animals. Oeschger: «with the castration, to operate not only welfare, the male and female animals are prominent location loyal and automatically reduce their turf. Indoors, the satellite-based GPS does not work so the navigation, for example, in large buildings is not possible. In order to determine the place to stay in buildings Apple has designed an application with indoor survey for iOS with the staging points based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth measurements and the iPhone sensors are to be determined. The indoor navigation could be interesting for example in airports, but also in hospitals, hotels and supermarkets. It works on pages of the user without additional hardware.

The app indoor survey discovered by Steven Troughton-Smith, although it currently cannot be found is about the search in the app store. Still, the downloaded app can not use, since it does not accept the login information of the user. It is conceivable that the possibility is Apple building owners, to map their properties once. So it's at least in the description of the app.

The technique described is reminiscent of the startup Wifislam that had taken over Apple 2013. It was specialized in to replace GPS indoors with a location via Wi-Fi. The technique of Wifislam will allow a location accuracy of up to 2.5 meters indoors. It used only Wi-Fi signals from the environment. This technique is not fundamentally new. Apple used the Wi-Fi location such as the iPod touch and the iPhone. It used the database, the company Skyhook, which knows the location of a number of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Since iOS 8 there in the core location framework already indoor positional tracking, Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile phone tracking and iBeacon data supported.

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